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This downloads page includes only patches to the sources strongly recommended for building APR projects, generally using security .

Summary of patches

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[PARENTDIR]Parent Directory  - Portable Runtime project
[TXT]HEADER.html2009-10-03 14:28 304 Portable Runtime project
[TXT]README.html2015-05-06 15:09 675 Portable Runtime project
[TXT]apr-1.5.0-out-of-tree-build.patch2013-11-16 15:38 901 Source code patch
[TXT]apr-1.x-CVE-2009-2412.patch2009-10-03 14:28 2.0KSource code patch
[TXT]apr-1.x-PR47645.patch2009-10-03 14:28 718 Source code patch
[TXT]apr-util-1.x-CVE-2009-2412.patch2009-10-03 14:28 2.5KSource code patch

Summary of Patches


Correct a regression with out-of-tree builds on Unix.


Overflow flaw in apr_pool and apr_rmm APIs. Additional details forthcoming.

PR 47645

Fixes error handling in apr_pollset_poll() and apr_pollcb_poll() on Solaris, resolving symptoms which vary based on the application.